What We Need

The following is a list of our most needed items that we can use right away. Other medical supplies may also be welcome.

1. Delivery Forceps
2. Wall screen
3. First Aid Box (Stainless)
4. Stretcher
5. Airline U/connect-It Adapted oxygen tubing and oxygen mask
6. Airlife face tent mask
7. RUSCH soft PVC Nasopharyngeal Airway
8. Pump set
9. Gynecare TVT device
10. BARD maximal barrier precaution kit (bouffant cap,
drape, fenestrated, full body and gown)
11. SRS medical short water tubing kit
12. Proxima medline full drape, fan-folded 70xl00(178×254)
13. Procure podous boot treatment for ankle contracts.
14. Scalpels
15. Medchoice ultrasound gel
16. Catheter and Glove suction kit
17. Soft PVC nasopharyngeal airway
18. Chest drain valve
19. PVC thoracic catheter
20. Biohazard bags
21. BDL culture swab
22. BD Vacutainer luer 10k Access device
23. Isolation Gown universal size
24. Lo-Pro tracheal Tube cuffed 4.0mm
25. Kimberley-Clark three quarter drape
26. Kimberley-Clark absorbent towels, two pack
27. 3M stocknet 3″x25 yards
28. 3M sterile-drape
29. Kimberley-Clark thyroid drape
30. Medchoice Vaginal specula
31. Kimberley-Clark back table cover one-reinforced
32. Vital view laryngoscope blade plus instrument
33. Kendall kangaroo pump 1000ml pump set with 1000ml flush bag with feed and flush anti-free flow (AFF) valve
34. Insufflations tubing set
35. Smiths portex tracheal tube silicone, cut to length, oral
36. Medline Gemini Single Ply Sterilization Wrap “40×40″ Super Heavy Weight
37. 3M Scotch Cast Custom Length Splint “4inx15ff’
38. Ethicon Endo-Surgery Contour Curved Cutter Stapler
39. Tracheostomy Tube holder with moisture repellent neckband
40. Lifeshield Latex-Free Primary I.V. Set convertible pin 100 inch with Backcheck Valve and 2 Clave ports
41. GE Healthcare CAM 14 ECG Connector Set
42. Shirley cuffiess tracheostomy tube
43. Med-Vac Yankauer suction handle
44. Middlength Secondary I.V. set convertible pin 40 inch with extension hooks
45. Pro-shields infant eye shield
46. Allegiance small eye pad
47. Attends stretch briefs
48. Medchoice patient slippers
49. Kendall Argyle Salem Sump Tube with Anti-Reflux Valve
50. Hospital Nasal Cannula Adult Flared Curved Tip with 7 inch oxygen Tubing
51. Gore-Tex Vascular Graft
52. Shirley Tracheosoft
53. V.A.C Granufoam Dressing
54. Oral RAE preformed Tracheal Tube uncuffed
55. Incubators

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